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We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal.
Is this a program where I have to design my own website or my own menu?

With DinerMagic, we do 100% of the website design and menu layout. All you do is use it - or edit it... anytime, anywhere.
Nothing! That's right, performance upgrades of will not cost your clients anything more than what they originally paid. Because DinerMagic is web-based, they won't receive any software... to load onto their computer.
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Many restaurant owners do not realize that by not changing their prices when their food costs go up, they are losing money...
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DinerMagic is a fully-interactive restaurant website...that lets you edit any and all menu items. Simultaneously updates the online menu on your website as well as your printed PDF menu!
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DinerMagic is so simple to use that it will take no more than 30 minutes to learn how to perform every step... There isn't even a user manual because you don't need one!
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Menu pricing should be reviewed regularly with the pricing of each menu item measured against its costs. This is the only way...
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We have experienced restaurateurs on our staff and we support other local restaurants, so we really know the restaurant business!
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Do you use tacky-looking Wite-Out correction fluid to change your menu prices? With DinerMagic, your updated pricing looks like the original...

Case Studies

Restaurant: Cafe Kitanishi, Brookings OR

It feels good that we are in control and can manage both our menus and website ourselves. And best of all, you don't have to be a computer expert to use it...
La Flor De Mexico
Brookings, Oregon

We hired a profession- menu designer... every change we had to make took weeks... to make it to the menu. With DinerMagic, it only takes us a few minutes.
How can restaurants stay profitable when they can't control rising food costs? Here's how one DinerMagic customer adjusted its menu price for 1 item and saved more than $1000 in only 8 months! More than enough to pay for DinerMagic! ...
DinerMagic Affiliate: Bob

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Case Study

Written:  September 30, 2010


Item:  Tiger Prawn , 16/20 & Mexican Prawn, 16/20

Restaurant:  Cafe Kitanishi, Brookings, OR  97415



Increasing food costs is an ongoing issue that all restaurants have to deal with, especially when seasonal changes or unforeseen occurrences happen that affect the yields of many different foods.  These types of increases are usually much greater than normal inflation.  When the average profit margin for restaurants is supposed to be at least 30%, how can restaurants keep from losing most of their profit margins when food costs rise by 20% or more?  The following example shows how a DinerMagic restaurant customer was able to adjust its menu prices for those affected items.  The savings for this one item more than paid for DinerMagic!



Situation Analysis


A seafood supplier sent the following email alert to one of our DinerMagic customers:


From:  (Name withheld - General Vendor)

To:  Café Kitanishi

Sent: Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Subject: Mexican Shrimp Update and Advisory


“Mexico has gotten off to a rocky start for both the farmed and wild shrimp seasons. The white spot virus was initially devastating…  estimates were that the harvests were going to be reduced by 50%…”  

Also, as a result of tropical storm Georgette affecting the temperatures and salinity levels and the cooler fall temperatures… “the end result of all this will be a further reduction of aquaculture receipts as well as smaller shrimp.”

During all of this, the prices for shrimp in Mexico have been driven up by US buyers all competing for a piece of this ever-shrinking pie.  An already difficult season is becoming more difficult by the day.”

Advisory:  “If I had a crystal ball I would venture to guess (a cost increase of) 20% +.  For those who can we are suggesting BUY NOW!!!....OR change your menu prices to reflect the higher cost of goods that is soon to come.





“We order about 48 pounds of prawns each month, which currently costs us about $450.  This is up from about $300 last January.  After the projected increase in October, we expect to be paying about $520 per month.  Because we have DinerMagic, we are able to increase our menu prices for the 10 items that use prawns, and we will fully cover the 20% increase for these items on our menu.  We had just gone through this exercise a few months ago due to the Gulf Oil spill.  So our cumulative savings was actually a lot more... Since we started using DinerMagic we will have saved over $1000 in only 8 months in food cost for just this one item alone, because we will be able to immediately adjust our menu prices.” - Beth Wong, Cafe Kitanishi


In just a few minutes, this restaurant was able to edit and print new menus that reflect adjusted menu prices of the 10 different entrees that used shrimp or prawns on their menu.  This customer has now preserved its’ profit margin without having to contact their menu designer for the privilege of paying them and then having to wait for new menus to be printed and shipped.  Prior to using DinerMagic, if this customer waited the typical 6-month interval between menu updates of most restaurants, think of how much money they would have lost.  Here are the actual numbers:


Tiger Prawn 16/20

6 packs x 4 lbs/pack = 24 lbs.

        Increase  Annualized   
     Total  Invoice % since   Savings with   
 Cost / lb.  lbs  Cost  Date Jan. 2010  DinerMagic  Notes
     5.899 24   141.58 1/14/2010

     6.140 24   147.36 1/28/2010        4.09             69.41
     6.149 24   147.58 2/4/2010        4.24             72.00
     6.149 24   147.58 2/18/2010        4.24             72.00
     6.149 24   147.58 3/4/2010        4.24             72.00
     6.160 24   147.84 3/18/2010        4.42             75.17
     6.169 24   148.06 4/8/2010        4.58             77.76 [1]
     6.589 24   158.14 4/22/2010       11.70           198.72 [1]
     6.589 24   158.14 4/29/2010       11.70           198.72 [1]
     6.759 24   162.22 5/20/2010       14.58           247.68 [1]
     6.990 24   167.76 5/27/2010       18.49           314.21 [1]
     6.999 24   167.98 6/3/2010       18.65           316.80 [1]
     8.079 24   193.90 7/15/2010       36.96           627.84 [1]
     7.659 25   191.48 7/15/2010       29.84           598.85 [1] [3]
     7.659 25   191.48 7/15/2010       29.84           598.85 [1] [3]
     8.079 24   193.90 8/26/2010       36.96           627.84 [1]
     9.059 25   226.48 9/9/2010       53.57        1,018.79 [1] [3]
     9.059 25   226.48 9/9/2010       53.57        1,018.79 [1] [3]
     8.159 24   195.82 10/7/2010       38.31           650.93
   10.870 24   260.88 Projected       84.27        1,431.65 [2]

[1]  Increases attributed to the Gulf Oil Spill of 4/20/2010
[2]  Projected 20% price increase per September 29, 2010 Alert
[3]  Mexican Prawn 16/20 - 5 packs x 5 lbs/pack = 25 lbs.

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