Martin Powers
Spinner's Seafood Steak & Chophouse
Gold Beach Oregon

"If you own a restaurant ... you MUST contact DinerMagic and get a web presence immediately!"
Sandi Stokes, Marketing Associate, Sysco Portland, Inc.

"You have a great answer for the customer... easy to use ... easy on the pocket and gives them many solutions..."
Matt Kincade
Distributor Sales Rep Pacific Seafood
Clackamas, Oregon

"As a Chef for 15 years, ... I am very impressed by this program ... wish it had been available when I was still operating kitchens"


How can I purchase DinerMagic?

We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal.
Is this a program where I have to design my own website or my own menu?

With DinerMagic, we do 100% of the website design and menu layout. All you do is use it - or edit it... anytime, anywhere.
Nothing! That's right, performance upgrades of will not cost your clients anything more than what they originally paid. Because DinerMagic is web-based, they won't receive any software... to load onto their computer.
How can DinerMagic help my bottom line?

Many restaurant owners do not realize that by not changing their prices when their food costs go up, they are losing money...
What is DinerMagic?

DinerMagic is a fully-interactive restaurant website...that lets you edit any and all menu items. Simultaneously updates the online menu on your website as well as your printed PDF menu!
How much does it cost?
A single license... is just $495. The monthly service charge for... support, unlimited access to your site & menus, web hosting / management and optimization, is just $29.95... about $1 a day.
What can I do when people leave negative reviews on online restaurant review sites?

When people unfairly leave negative reviews, there is not much that you can do... However with DinerMagic...

How long does it take to learn... DinerMagic?

DinerMagic is so simple to use that it will take no more than 30 minutes to learn how to perform every step... There isn't even a user manual because you don't need one!
I only update my menus once or twice a year. Why should I do it more often?

Menu pricing should be reviewed regularly with the pricing of each menu item measured against its costs. This is the only way...
How is DinerMagic different from other Menu Design companies?

We have experienced restaurateurs on our staff and we support other local restaurants, so we really know the restaurant business!
How do you change your menu prices?

Do you use tacky-looking Wite-Out correction fluid to change your menu prices? With DinerMagic, your updated pricing looks like the original...

Case Studies

Restaurant: Cafe Kitanishi, Brookings OR

It feels good that we are in control and can manage both our menus and website ourselves. And best of all, you don't have to be a computer expert to use it...
La Flor De Mexico
Brookings, Oregon

We hired a profession- menu designer... every change we had to make took weeks... to make it to the menu. With DinerMagic, it only takes us a few minutes.
How can restaurants stay profitable when they can't control rising food costs? Here's how one DinerMagic customer adjusted its menu price for 1 item and saved more than $1000 in only 8 months! More than enough to pay for DinerMagic! ...
DinerMagic Affiliate: Bob

Read the story of how DinerMagic helped save the career of one food service sales rep
... and also helped him to earn his company's Top Salesman of the Year award.

DinerMagic FAQs

I only update my menus once or twice a year.  Why should I do it more often?



From the business perspective alone, menu pricing should be reviewed regularly with the pricing of each menu item measured against its costs.  This is the only way that a restaurant can be sure it is making a profit.  It is also a major reason why restaurants fail - because many do not understand or apply the basic principles of food costing.  Because the process of evaluating each menu item properly can be tedious and time consuming, many will make a subjective "guess" as to what they think a particular item should sell for and hope that it is enough for them to make a profit.


Unfortunately, when all contributors to food costs are factored into the equation, many restaurant owners are shocked to find out that instead of making a profit, they are actually losing money on certain items!  They see happy customers enjoying their favorite dishes and gladly paying for their tickets.  And yet they wonder where all the money is going?  Many don't realize the need to continually adjust their pricing when their food costs increase, until it is too late.


Many Food Service Distributors offer food costing services to their restaurant customers and they should take advantage of these.  In addition, they can help evaluate the actual costs of their labor and overhead to help minimize inefficiencies and waste. 


Restaurant owners/chef/managers who do not regularly monitor their food costs, need to change their thinking.  They need to take fiscal responsibility for their restaurant if they are going to ensure they only have profitable items on their menu.  


DinerMagic's ability to allow you adjust your menu pricing instantly is one of the solutions that will help you do this.  It is so easy to do either by yourself or by your Foodservice Distributor Sales Rep, that there is no reason to wait six months or a year for a menu designer to do it for you.  Why lose money for six months when you can correct the problem right away?

Another advantage DinerMagic offers is the opportunity to incrementally adjust your menu prices, so that the customer hardly notices.  If you wait to make wholesale percentage increases across your entire menu, you will likely put-off your customers, because the greater the interval between menu price increases, the more noticable the increases become.  More frequent menu changes on only those items that need it, tend to mask the price increases.

A third advantage of DinerMagic it that it offers you a way to print your menus in-house, reducing not only the overall cost of printing menus, but also helping your cashflow by not having to purchase extra menu copies that you don't need and will likely never use.

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